MyHandling lands in Albenga Airport, Italy!

In April, 2018 HADID International Services and Albenga Airport announced the formation of Riviera Executive Aviation in Villanova d’Albenga in Liguria, Italy. The airport has ambitious and unique development plans to become a major hub for General Aviation in the region. A new terminal, hangars and maintenance facilities as well as other major infrastructures are being built. 

MyHandling was chosen as the tool aimed to help Riviera Executive Aviation achieve this ambitious strategic goal. 

 “As new start-up FBO we have chosen MyHandling as our FBO management system because we believe it will give us immediate visibility to a large portfolio of potential clients. The system is flexible enough to meet our administrative and accounting needs. Besides that it is very competitively priced on a user bases: the more we use MyHandling, the more we both become successful!” – David Manton, Director of Riviera Executive Aviation.

At OpsHorizon we thank David and his team, Hadid and Riviera Executive Aviation for their trust, and look forward this mutually beneficial cooperation.