Save time and increase profits with MyHandling business aviation planning and management software for airports and FBOs.

MyHandling business aviation planning and management software application for airports and FBOs frees station agents from time consuming administrative tasks so they can focus on delivering a superior customer experience and increasing business profitability.

The software is fast to implement and easy to use, for a quick return on investment. It provides to any FBO one-stop shop solution for handling requests.

Track operations in real time for more efficient use of resources and more responsive customer service.

  • Up-to-the-minute flight information from Eurocontrol
  • High-level overview of all flights
  • Automated messaging

Process handling requests more efficiently so you can fulfil requests quickly and accurately, every time.

  • Logical, intuitive table of tasks in progress
  • Flexible configuration to suit your business priorities
  • Easy-to-read visual indicator of time-slot status

See all handling request items on a single screen, eliminating paper, reducing errors, and saving your agents precious time.

  • Access and record all information and services via a single screen
  • Manage outsourced services instantly and send the relevant information to the partner concerned automatically and immediately

Manage aircraft parking spaces more efficiently for more profitable use of space for short- and long-term parking

  • Display availability for a given period
  • Create as many spaces as needed for different types of aircraft

Generate the business indicators you need to improve financial management of your business and increase sales

  • Display critical statistics on business volumes (by aircraft type, services purchased, etc.) for a given time period

Use integrated billing to eliminate time-consuming retyping of billing data

  • Simply configure your price lists and billing information is compiled automatically from your handling request data
  • Export Excel files to interface with your own or third-party billing and financial management software