MyHandling is now connected to MarketPlace


New synchronisation between MyHandling and MarketPlace (RocketRoute) aimed to increase the efficiency of your everyday performance.

Unveiled in May 2017, Marketplace has been developed according to what pilots and aircraft operators told they wanted from the App; to be able to order all the services they require for a trip via one straightforward, intutive, convenient app which would save them time and money.

Today, Marketplace connects 42,000+ Airports, 30,000+ Vendors, 10,000+ Pilots and Dispatchers.
You can easily arrange fuel, ground handling, transportation, catering and other services directly from Marketplace platform. 

Thanks to following integration, you can now effectively connect your OPSHorizon account on Marketplace to synchronise all your orders. From now on you don’t need to add requests manually to MyHandling FBO Software: simply connect your OPSHorizon account and easily order handling from the MarketPlace platform.

To connect your MarketPlace account with OPSHorizon:

  1. Go to mp.rocketroute.com, search your airport  by ICAO, IATA or location name, 
  2. Choose your Service Provider and tap “Request Handling” icon,
  3. Select services that you need and add additional requirements. MarketPlace users will be invited to add their OpsHorizon ‘GUID’ account number on the Services page of OpsHorizon Vendors if they have not previously added it,
  4. Select ‘Proceed to request’ to move to the checkout page,
  5. Complete Checkout and ‘Send Request’.

This article shows how easy it is to use following integration. You can also download the pdf instruction here.

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